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What is the natural human diet?

what is the natural diets?
img pictures natural diet:

The problem with most of these discussions is that they start with herbivore, omnivore, carnivore. And they group carnivore diet (red meat) into meaning all meat even though most arguments against red meat also apply to an herbivore diet (grains and grasses). 

Technically pre-humans were frugivores (fruits and nuts). And then humans became more ground-dwelling and evolved into faunivores. Faunivores diets still included fruits and nuts but then extended to include vegetables, some grains, honey, insects, fish, birds, eggs and SOME meat. Red meat was usually carrion (rotting meat). That softens it and breaks it down to something that needs smaller canines and intestine to process. The same semi-rotting is true of grains and grasses which we now accomplish by boiling or cooking.That is why we technically cannot be carnivores or herbivores. We cannot process raw red meat or many plants very well. Luckily we now achieve the same thing as carrion by cooking our food. 

No "arian" diet (vegetarian, vegan, meatatarian) can be a "natural diet". By definition it cant be. A "vore" is a natural diet. An "arian" diet is designed by man to fill all of our needs. It replaces the things it doesnt want to include, with substitues. Usually those subs are not available in nature. Or at least they are things not available in any one area so it could not have been our natural diet before worldwide distribution systems. 
pyramid of food natural diets
Pyramid of food natural diet. Img pictures:

The biggest problem with our present diet vs our natural diet is that we eat way more grains and red meat that we are supposed to. That is why so many health diets concentrate on cutting down one or the other. Not even herbivores eat as much grain, or carnivores eat as much red meat as we do. Most large carnivores eat red meat once a week or even once a month. So our NATURAL diet would be mostly fruits, nuts, vegetables. Some fowl, fish, eggs (maybe once a day). And rarely a special meal involving red meat.

For one thing, there's plenty of people out there that have lived into old age on a vegan or vegetarian diet. So that automatically proves that not all humans (and possibly no humans) actually need meat to stay healthy. 

As for our teeth, that could be the product of evolution. In some countries they eat strange foods (example: fried tarantulas) because they had to when there was a shortage in other foods, and this tradition carried on even when other foods became more abundant. So the same could be argued about meat. That humans may have ate mostly a plant diet which is why 99% of their teeth are designed for plants, but eventually had to eat meat during times of drought or freezing weather when plants were scarce and the only thing to eat was other animals (possibly other humans). Over time humans could have evolved and those 2 extra teeth used for eating meat could have grown in eventually.
and everyone best diet all plants stuff like fruit , veggies and whole grains only.

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